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The Burden-Free Life

09 Mar 2019

But the burden of the Lord you shall mention no more, for the burden is every man's own word, and you pervert the words of the living God.

Jeremiah 23,36

All burdens that you have on your life and think that you have to carry them around with you, are NOT of God and therefore it is not His will for you to have them!

Gods will is for you to have a burden-free life so that you are free to serve Him, to spread His word, to live His plan for your life, etc., and as long as you are still sick, scared, worried, problem driven and stuck in strife, you will never be able to do those things in full devotion. 

So if its not Gods will for me, how is it that I still have burdens on my life?

It is very simple… it is your fault. Your words that you speak and confess day to day keep you captured and don't let you enter the burden-free life. 
As long as you still twist (pervert) Gods word and try to make it fit your circumstances, you will never be able to break free from your burden. 
As long as you still say: “As good Christian I have to suffer from this sickness for Gods glory, because He wants to teach me something and if it was His will for me to be healed, He would have healed me already.” That for example is stupid talk and it is perverted words that keep you under the burden of sickness. 

So just like it is in the area of health, it's the same for all other areas of your life. Don't believe the perverted words and don't speak them over your life. Only take Gods word ans speak that unchanged, powerful word and in no time will you walk on Gods burden-free paths! 

Never mention “the burden of the Lord” again, because it is not God that puts burdens on you, but it is the words that come out of your mouth!
Words have great power and just like they can put burden on you, they also hold the power to remove every anxiety, strife, problem, debt and sickness (burdens). 
Stop using your words against yourself and blaming God for your “hard life”. Speak Gods words and live the burden-free life that only He can offer! (Jeremiah 23,36)