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You have All Power

07 Mar 2019

He disarmed the rulers and authorities and put them to open shame,
by triumphing over them in him.

Colossians 2,15

When Jesus died for you, He went to death in your stead and suffered in your stead, so that you won't have to suffer anymore. But that's not where it all ended!
Just as the devil thought he finally won and killed Jesus, Jesus stripped the devil of all his power (authority) and made him weak and powerless. 

That's how Jesus received all power in heaven and earth and because He died for YOU, He also gave YOU all His power now, so that you don't have to live weak and powerless anymore, but walk the earth in full authority and full power!

So if the devil doesn't have any power anymore, why is it that so many bad things happen and why do so many Christians still suffer? 

The reason is that the only power the devil has is the power you give to him. 
He is a thief and as soon as you don't live in full authority in all areas of your life, he will sneak in and steal your authority (power). 

So in what areas of your life do you still not experience Gods blessing and favor?
Your relationship? Your studies? Your job? Your bank account? Your healing? … 

Don't let the devil steal your power and use it against you any longer!
Cast the devil out of your problem-area NOW, because the power belongs to you and you are to experience Gods abundance in that area too! 

Jesus completely stripped the devil of all his power and took it upon Himself, so that now He has ALL the power in heaven and on earth!
Once Jesus stripped him, He gave all His power to you and sent you into the world, to operate in full authority over it and live victorious. 
The only power the devil has left now is the power you give to him. Stop letting the devil use your power against you and finally put him back under your feet! 
(Matthew 28,16-20 &  Colossians 2,14-15)