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Royal Family - Your Family

05 Mar 2019

...and raised us up with him (with Jesus)
and seated us with him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.

Ephesians 2,6

You, as child of God, are part of the royal family of heaven!
You were created in the image of God and you were created to have fellowship with Him. But to be able to fellowship with someone, you need to be on the same level. You need to be able to talk face to face, and that's exactly the position you were placed in!

Angels don't have fellowship with God and are not allowed to sit in the throne room. You on the other hand, as part of the royalty of heaven, are able to not only fellowship with God and rest in His throne room, but you also have all the rights and privileges that come with being royal. 

One of the advantages is, that certain things/circumstances are beneath you and that you don't have to put up with them any longer. 
A king does not fuss and complain. He gives the order and it is changed to his likeness.

As part of the royal family of heaven, you don't need to put up with lack any longer, because the best of the best belongs to you now. 
As part of the royal family of heaven, you don't need to steal anymore and toil to reach prosperity. Others work for you to become wealthy. (Proverbs 13,22)
As part of the royal family of heaven, you only need to speak a word and everything is done for you, according to what you say. (The power of confession!)

Understand who you are through the anointing (Christ), because if you got a revelation of your royalty, you won't put up with the problems and the low-life any longer. You will step into the throne room of God, sit down on His right side and rule together with Him! 

You have been raised up with Jesus and are now seated in heavenly places in Christ (the anointing), on the right hand of God. That position makes you part of the royalty of heaven! 
Being part of that royalty sets you above all other things, gives you rights that others don’t have and grants you access, to the abundance of God! 
Stop living the low-life and start living in all the privileges and comforts that a royal life promises! (Ephesians 1,20 & Ephesians 2,1-10)