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Faith from Gods Word

04 Mar 2019

So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.

Romans 10,17

Faith is not some mysterious force that God randomly gives to people, some have it, some don't… It is a force that every believer received in the same measure and that is available for you now, so that you can act by it in the kingdom of God. 

Faith was given to every believer in the same measure (Romans 12,3) and just like Jesus had that same measure of faith and functioned through it, you have the same measure of faith and can now act through it too. 
The only difference is that Jesus was in contact with God (His word) day and night, to the point where Gods word became the greater reality in His life. 

So now that faith was given to you in the same measure that Jesus had it, it is up to you to feed your faith with Gods word, because faith comes by hearing His word! (Romans 10,17) 

“I just don't have enough faith for this…” is a phrase often heard, and it implies that God just didn't give me enough faith and that I was born like that and just can't believe it.
This is just a bad excuse to hide your laziness though. Faith comes only from the word of God and if you don't have enough faith to receive, then it is NEVER Gods fault, but it's because you didn't feed your faith enough!

If you have a feast before you and are close to starving, then you won't sit there and pray: “Oh please Lord, if it is your will then feed me.”… NO. You would take the food and feed your body so it won't die. 

Just the same way, there is a feast prepared for your faith (Gods word).
Stop sitting around and asking God for more faith. Take His word and feed your faith daily, so that it is not small and weak, but big and strong to overcome everything!

You have the same measure of faith available that Jesus had, that I have and that any other believer has. 
That faith is available to you through Gods word, but you have to access it and feed on it, just like you can’t survive by only having food around you, without actually eating it. 
It doesn’t matter how much faith you have right now, because if you take time to feed your faith on the word of God daily, your faith will grow to the point where the supernatural is part of your day to day life! (Romans 10,14-17 & Romans 12,13)