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Rest in Finished Works

01 Mar 2019

For we do enter into the rest -- We who did believe.

Hebrews 4,3

Rest refers to a place of peace, wholeness, abundance and spiritual and physical relaxation. 
It refers to a place where milk and honey are flowing, which is your promised land in which God wants to bring you, because there you will be better of than anywhere else on this planet! (It doesn't necessarily have to be a geographical location.) 

Rest is also a way of living, in which you completely let go of your own works and finally enter into the works that Jesus prepared for you. 

“For he who did enter into his rest, he also rested from his works.” (Hebrews 4,10)

Jesus already prepared everything for you and there is no works left that you would have to do in your own strength. (Ephesians 2,10)
As child of God you need to learn how to walk in those complete, already prepared works, because only when you walk in them, will you be able to enjoy the life of abundance!

In Jesus is your healing, your wealth, your peace and everything else belonging to the abundant life already completed and just like you got born again through faith and entered into that complete work, the same way can you enter into all the other works. 

You are no longer the sick trying to get healed. You are the healed, protecting his body from disease. 
You are no longer the poor trying to get rich. You are the rich, protecting your life from poverty. …

That is a life in the complete works of Jesus and that is a life in wonderful rest! 

Enter the rest as he who believed! 
True rest is living in the complete works of Jesus, instead of trying to find rest in your own works. 
When Jesus said “It is finished” and gave up His Spirit, every single part of your salvation, whether it's from sickness, poverty, strife or death itself, was completed and now it is only up to you to finally believe and enter His rest! 
(John 10,10 & Hebrews 4,3-13)