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Freedom - Knowing the Truth

28 Feb 2019

My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.

Hosea 4,6

A lack of knowledge can kill you!
It might sound very harsh, but it is the truth. 

Just imagine that you were in the middle of a desert and there is only one waterhole in your area. If you never learned and none told you, that there is a waterhole close to you, you will just walk by it and probably never find it, because you are lacking the knowledge of where it is and you will therefore die. 
But if you are smart, you would get a map, study it front to back and take it with you on your journey, so that you will not only find the waterhole, but also avoid any other dangerous things that might be on the way. 

That's the way it is with Gods word in your life. 
If you don't know the truth, which is a reality that's consistent, reliable and sustainable, and therefore don't know who you are in Christ, what belongs to you and how to use it in your life, then the devil can come with his sickness, fear, worries, problems, debts, etc. and destroy you!

But if you are smart, then you opened Gods word already and now know that sickness does not belong to you and that the devil has no power over your life, and if the devil then comes and tries to bring his curse on you, you will know how to deal with it and you will defeat him every time!

Don't be a fool, but instead remain in the word of God, so that you can see what it really means to be free from all bondage.
Free from sickness, free from worries, free from fears, free from problems, free from debts, … free from the curse!

A lack of (revelation) knowledge of Gods word can destroy you! 
To walk in perfect freedom from all sin, curse and death, you need to remain in Gods word, to know the truth about who you are, what belongs to you and how to appropriate it in your life.  
Don’t be destroyed by the devil for a lack of knowledge of the truth. Consistently remain in Gods word and find out what it really means to live free from all bondage! (John 8,31-36 & Hosea 4,6)