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What will You Choose?

25 Feb 2019

I give you also what you have not asked, both riches and honor,
so that no other king shall compare with you, all your days.

1 Kings 3,13

Solomon, the Son of David, is not only a good example of Gods will to bless you by saying: “Ask what I shall give you.” (verse 5), but it also shows you the way to great success, riches and honor. 

The key to wisdom, riches and honor does not lie in selfishness, lying or deceiving people, like most people nowadays think, but the key is the exact opposite of all those!

Selfishness, lies, stealing and deceiving are works of the devil and even though those works can promise you limited success, riches and honor, they will turn on you in no time and the true works of devil will show. Which are destruction, hatred, sorrow, strife, fear and everything else belonging to the curse.

Now the true key to success, riches and honor, that will not bring any curse with it, is the joy of the Lord!

Solomon had that delighting in God and the most important thing for him was to understand God (wisdom). 
He wanted to get to know God, understand His works and clearly see His will, so that he could glorify Him in every decision he made. 
More than his riches, his healing, his honor or his deliverance, he valued the relationship with God and because God was the center of Solomons life, he was completely blessed in every other area too!

Stop being selfish and looking to your own needs instead of living in the joy of the Lord!
Turn to God and completely immerse yourself in His presence. 

In everything you do, don't look to your own benefit and the things you might get out of it, but look to God and follow His leading, for then He will give you success, riches and honor, along with everything else your heart desires!

Don’t live like the rest of this world, trying to achieve success, happiness, wealth and honor without God, but instead focus in on the joy of the Lord! 
When you have joy in God and your biggest desires are not fast cars and big houses, but the fellowship with God, getting to know Him better and understanding His way of doing things, then not only will your relationship with God get stronger, but you will also receive those worldly desires of your heart (fast cars, houses, ...). 
God is saying to YOU today: “Ask what I shall give you.” ... What will you choose? (1. Kings 3,5-13)