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Get to know God

24 Feb 2019

Because in Me he hath delighted, I also deliver him
-- I set him on high, Because he hath known My name.

Psalms 91,14

To delight in God only brings you the best. If you decide to give your whole life to God and delight in Him in EVERYTHING you do, then you can get ready for a WONDERFUL life! (Psalm 91)

If anyone is against you and even if the devil himself is putting up his traps, you will not fall into them and be harmed, because you delight in the Lord and follow Him in every step. 
If there is terrible plagues in the land, whether it's swine flu, just a bad cold or any other diseases, rejoice and celebrate, because it will not reach your house. 

If you cannot fall asleep at night because your worried about the next day, worried about your kids, your future, or if you are just scared of the dark, then be prepared for your salvation, because God will free you from all worries and fears and give you peace, because you know Him for who He truly is. 

If thousand and ten thousands fall around you, whether its financially, due to sickness, war or any other reasons, start shouting and rejoicing now, because you, who knows God and gives all his cares to him, will stand firmly on Gods strong foundation!

If bad luck is at your doorstep and if the destroyer is coming for you, rest in peace, because God has sent His legions of angels to turn your luck around and to chase the destroyer out of your life! … 

That is MY God and that is Jehovah, the God of Israel, that always was and always will be the same!
He, the only true God, is full of favor, full of goodness and full of love. Replace all the doubt you have and the bad images you have of Him with His unending love towards you and soon you will be able to write your own Psalm 91!

When you cling to God and expect everything from Him instead of yourself, He will deliver you and set you on high, because you know who He really is! 
When you ask anything of Him, He will answer you and if you are in distress, He will pull you out and give you great honor. 
He will satisfy you and give you the full length of days. He will do great things in your life and everywhere you turn, you will see His salvation from death and curse! (Psalm 91)