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Follow God into Your Blessing

23 Feb 2019

I will go before you and level the mountains;
I will break in pieces the doors of bronze and cut asunder the bars of iron.
And I will give you the treasures of darkness
and hidden riches of secret places,
that you may know that it is I, the Lord, the God of Israel,
Who calls you by your name.

Isaiah 45,2-3

Your parents, your children and other people are not the only ones in this world that can call your name. 
Just like people have an audible voice, spiritual and physical things also have a voice, that often screams louder than people. 

Just like God calls your name and says: “Come, follow me into my favor.”, the same way can your stomach scream: “Feed me, I am hungry!”, your disease can say: “Pay attention to me, care for me!”, and even your desires and lusts can call you and say: “Come on, it won't hurt if you do it just once.”, …

Now it is important that you feed your body and keep it clean, but there is voices that call you and promise you luck, joy and many other things, but behind many of which is the devil himself, just waiting for you to follow his voice and run into his trap.
Why do people cheat on there spouse or loose all their money gambling? - It is because the devil promises them joy and many other things that only God can give in abundance without any side effects.

No matter what voices are calling you, never let them get your attention off of Gods word and instead stick to Gods leading in all you do!
Listen to His voice and follow His footsteps instead of listening to the lies and deceptions of the devil. 
God is the only one that can give complete joy, complete luck, peace, prosperity, healing and success, and He won't give sorrow, death or curse with it. 

Follow Gods voice TODAY in all you do and you will see mountains disappear, bronze doors open for you and blessings flowing in full power!

Your God, the God of Israel, is calling you by your name! 
He is calling you to come and follow Him, to stand on His side and walk in His footsteps. But He isn’t the only one calling your name.
Your problems, your desires, other people trying to get you off your way and many other things are screaming for your attention, but you cannot afford to listen to them and head down a dead-end road. Shut up those voices, tune your ears to Gods word and see His footsteps in everything you do, for then you will finally walk straight into His BLESSING! (Isaiah 45,2-3)