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"I Believe it and Take it!"

22 Feb 2019

Whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it,
and it will be yours.

Mark 11,24

The bible is not just a nice book to read and full of nice stories written for the community, but it is write for YOU and it is YOUR old and new testament. It is YOUR old and new covenant! 
Gods word is for all men and works the same for all men, but you need to stop correlating it to “us all” and start making it personal. 

“It is MY covenant wit God, it is MY promises, it is MY peace, it is MY healing, … it belongs to ME!”

It is important to think like that, because as long as you correlate it to “us”, everyone will just sit there and be happy, but none will do anything because it wasn't spoken directly to them. But if you decide to take Gods word personal and refer to it as yours, then all of a sudden you won't just be a seat warmer in church anymore. You will be the Chosen of God!

If you understood that, then you can finally make use of Mark 11,24 in your life and see results, because you finally believe that the verse is written to you. 

“To receive” also means to take. That means, that if you finally believe that Gods promises are for you, then you can now TAKE those promises and say: “I believe them and I take them! They belong to me!”
Saying those words out loud represents the works that will bring your faith to life and finally bring Gods promises to pass for you, because faith without works doesn't bring results/is dead. (James 2)

Claim Gods word as yours. Believe it and finally take everything He has promised you, because it belongs to you as child of God!

“I believe it and I take it! It is mine!” Those words should not be strange to your lips and your thought life, for they are the initial action to your faith, which brings your faith to live and manifest whatever it is you are believing for!
When you read Gods promises, when someone prays for you and even when someone wishes you blessings, your response should be: “I take it”.
Every blessing and every good thing you could only imagine belongs to you, but now it is your turn to finally step out, believe it and receive it!
(Mark 11,24 & James 2,17-20)