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Start with the Everlasting

21 Feb 2019

Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.

Matthew 24,35

 Heaven and earth, your body, your job, your full/empty bank account, your car, your dog, your feelings and everything around you is subject to change. That doesn't only mean that it won't be the same once Jesus returns, but it also means that right HERE and NOW you can change those temporary things.

A problem that many people have is that their whole life is only about things which will pass away/are subject to change and therefore their whole life just sometimes goes up, sometimes down, it is sometimes good and sometimes bad, only because they do not have a strong foundation that will never pass away.
If you are still one of those people and still let things which are subject to change stir your life, then understand that Gods word is unchangeable and never passes away and that through His word you can finally get your whole life under control and enter into Gods rest.

If you are still up half of the night, rolling around in worry and can't find rest, no matter what the reason is, you need to stop looking at your temporary problems which are changeable and you need to open up the never changing word of God.
If you then stand firmly on His word and trust Him instead of looking at your problems, His mighty, unchanging word will replace your temporary problems and you will only see peace and blessing in your life.

Stop letting your circumstances and problems, which are subject to change, throw you around like a wave in the sea.
Stand firmly on the the word of God that will never pass away and determine into what kind of situations your temporary problems will change!

 For most people life in the physical realm is full of ups and downs, one day good and one day bad, sometimes life is peaceful and sometimes it is hell on earth, ...
The reason for this is that EVERYTHING in the physical realm is subject to change and as long as you build your life on physical things, it will never be stable!
Change your priorities and build your life on Gods unchanging word, for only then will you have a strong foundation that will keep you unaffected by the ups and downs of this world! (Matthew 24,35)