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The God of Your Hills and Valleys

20 Feb 2019

Because the Syrians have said,
The Lord is a god of the hills but he is not a god of the valleys,
therefore I will give all this great multitude into your hand,
and you shall know that I am the Lord.

1 Kings 20,28

Just like God gave victory to the two small flocks of Israelites against the armies of the Syrians, which filled up the whole land, He can give you victory TODAY in your seemingly helpless situations! (1. Kings 20,26-30) 

The story does not only show how great God was, back in the days, and how great He will also be today (He never changes), but it also shows that NO MATTER what situation you are facing or against which temporary problems your fighting, He will give you victory in EVERY area.

The Syrians thought that they can finally beat the Israelites, since they only saw God come through for them on the hills and not in the valley. The Israelites heard the same thing and so some of them also believed it, but God sent a man to tell them that God will also save them in the valley. “… and you shall know that I am the Lord.”

 So if you are still uncertain and questioning if God will help you in certain areas of your life, listen to what He is saying to you, because He says that He is the God of your valleys AND your hills!

If you think that God can heal you but cannot fix your marriage, then understand, that God is a God of hills and valleys and that He will save you out of disease and also out of marriage problems.
If you think that God can give you peace but cannot fill your bank account, then understand that God is a God of hills and valleys and that He will give you peace and also fill your bank account. …

Understand and receive God in EVERY area of your life, because He is a God of abundance and a God that knows the perfect solution for the hardest and the simplest problems!

 You might have experienced God particularly in one area of your life and you know that He came through for you then and will come through for you again in that are, but you need to know that He is the God of your breakthrough in not just one, but in EVERY area!
No matter if you are fighting sickness at the top of the mountain or if you fight strife in your family in the valley, God will always give you the breakthrough into victory, if you dare to believe that He is the God of your hills as much as He is the God of your valleys! (1. Kings 20,26-30)