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A Life in the Kingdom of God

18 Feb 2019

...who delivered us out of the power of darkness,
and translated us into kingdom of the Son of his love...

Colossians 1,13

The kingdom of heaven is not a place that you might reach some time after you died and after you have gone to heaven. It is a place that was prepared for you right here on earth, so that you as child of God can experience His abundance and can live independent of the kingdom of the devil. 

The devil has power in this earth because we gave it to him and because so many people still let him work through them, so that he can kill, steal and destroy, wherever it is possible. (John 10,10)

As long as you are not born again and have not been translated into the kingdom of God, you live under the power of the devil (darkness) and you also have to suffer through all their problems, worries, wars, crises, etc. 
Now if you get born again though and receive Jesus into your live, you will automatically be translated into the kingdom of the Son of His love, where you are untouchable by the power of darkness and everything that comes with it.  

The only reason though why many Christians are still totally influenced by the power of darkness is that they haven't realized where they are supposed to live now and because of that they get in trouble. 

Just imagine that you move out of a land of oppression into a completely new land, with new laws, new ways of thinking, new ways of doing things, etc., where the head wants to give you everything you need and even more than that. 
If you don't renew your way of doing things and your thinking and adapt it to the new land, then you will get into trouble quickly and you will never be able to enjoy the freedom that this new land offers, because you still live under the laws of the old land which chain you up and take your freedom and independence. 

That is exactly how it is with the power of darkness (kingdom of the devil) and the kingdom of God.
Get all your things together, pack your bags and finally move into Gods kingdom. Let the past be the past and get ready for something new. Renew your thinking and your way of doing things and adapt them to the kingdom of God, so that you can live in complete peace  and make use of everything your new home has to offer. 

You don’t live under the authority of darkness anymore and therefore you don’t have to suffer and be influenced by this worlds system of darkness any longer!
If the world is going through financial crisis, famine, problems, war, or any other evil thing, then those powers of darkness won’t reach you or your house, because you live all the way over here in the abundance of the kingdom of Love, unreachable and independent of the devil and his system of stealing, killing and destroying! 
(Psalm 37,18-19 & Colossians 1,13)