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Jesus - the Way and the Light

17 Feb 2019

But the path of the righteous is as the dawning light,
That shineth more and more unto the perfect day.

Proverbs 4,18

Most people run through their life stumbling and often falling, they don't have a clear vision and even if they do, they don't have the tools to get there. YOU on the other hand, as righteousness of God, should have a clear path that leads you unhindered into your goals/vision!

You are not of this world anymore and therefore you should stop living like the world does. 
You have Jesus with you, and Jesus himself is not only “The Way”, but He is also “The Light”, which will make your way brighter and clearer! (John 14,6 & 8,12)

That light will uncover all the hindrances on your way and will show you holes and traps that the devil set up to keep you from reaching your goal, so that you (through that light) can keep going in complete peace and without disturbances and so that nothing in this world will be able to stop you. 

So if you receive Jesus now and are willing to walk in His way and to let His light shine in your life, then every day will be brighter and brighter and you will never again have to look back and miss the “good old days”, for every new day will be greater and more wonderful than your yesterday. 

Whether you are at the bottom of the hill or at the top, if you receive Jesus into your life and your situations right now, He will take you from where you are all the way to the top and even into heaven on earth!
The path of the wicked is as darkness and they can’t see over what they stumble, but you are the righteousness of God and your path is bright and clear, getting you quickly and with no bumps on the way into the blessings of God!
(Proverbs 4,10-19)