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Peace be with You

16 Feb 2019

And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding,
will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4,7

“Be joyous and don't worry about anything!” (Philippians 4,4-7) 

That is not only a beautiful sentence, but it is the recipe to godly peace in your life that will surpass all understanding and will bring manifestations with it, that will also be greater than what you could ever imagine!

It is so important to God that you throw all your cares on Him, because as long as you run through life with cares, His peace cannot reach you or your house!

“Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.” (Philippians 4,6) 

Here and in many other places, God clearly tells you what to do with your cares. You have to bring them before Him and like David said, CAST them onto God! (Psalm 55,22)
To cast your cares on Him means to be certain that He can handle them and that He will take them off of you, to change them into victory for you.

So when you should be certain that God will take your cares, look up the word “supplication” and see what it actually means in the original text, since to me it has a “maybe God will take my cares, maybe He won't” mood to it, which is absolutely wrong. 
The word “supplication” refers to a petition for receiving something from God, and as long as your petition is based on the word of God, He will hear you and give you what you asked for every time, without doubt or not-knowing!

So if you still carry your cares around with you and are worried about your kids, your partner, your pet, your house, etc., then come to God in prayer, find the verse that tells you to cast your cares on Him and bring it before God (supplication), and finally thank Him that you are fee from cares and that He will take care of everything! With total confidence that He heard you, because you prayed according to His word! (Philippians 4,6) 

So if your finally rid of your cares, then what is the live you can expect now? What is a live in Gods peace? 

Gods peace is so big and amazing that it surpasses all understanding, which means that you will never completely comprehend how great it is, but I want to give you a small taste of what it is like, and you will see that to believe just the small taste of Gods goodness is hard enough. 

Peace means the absence of strife, of the sword (war), of separation (in relationships, with other people,…), of deception, disorder (relationships, in the spirit or thoughts,…), confusion (not knowing where to go,…) and all the other things which belong to the curse. 
Peace is a state of well-being. That means, that everything that gives you a bad feeling won't be there. No symptoms of sickness and the disease itself, lack in the bank, lack of work, stress, fear,…
Furthermore, peace means security. Being secure from other people, financial security, security in your daily routines (protection),…
And f
inally peace means freedom from ALL distress. Whether it's financially, in health or any other needs in other areas. 

All that is included and it still doesn't get anywhere close to the true magnitude of Gods peace, but I want you to think about the points I mentioned and add your own situations, in which you still have not received peace. After that, give God all your cares and receive His amazing peace, which will give you everything your heart desires and so much more, that you will never be able to fully comprehend it with your natural mind! Thats how GOOD God is!

Gods peace that passes all understanding is the guardian of your heart and your thoughts!
Just like a guard guards a gate and prevents the enemy from entering, Gods peace will do the same for you and prevent anything belonging to the devil and his curse from entering into your thought life and especially your heart. 
When that happens and your heart and thoughts line up, then your actions and words will automatically line up with Gods peace too, and manifestations of that amazing peace, which will pass all understanding, will show up everywhere in your life! (Philippians 4,6-7)