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You have Armies

15 Feb 2019

...and, behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots
of fire round about Elisha.

2 Kings 6,17

Angels were not created to rule over you and they do not have higher ranks in Gods system than you do. 
Angels are here to serve you, to protect you, to prepare your ways, etc., and you have the power to use those angels in your life or to just leave them standing in the corner, next to you trying to overcome everything in your own ability. 

It is important to use angels and it is good too, but never forget, that they are from God and never start worshiping those angles, because the only one that should be glorified and worshipped for their actions is God your father! 

Elisha in 2. Kings 6 is a perfect example of the great power that you have in God and it clearly shows that you will always come out as victor, if you walk in Gods ways. And when you come out as victor over disease, then you are healed; when you are victorious over poverty, you are rich; when you are victorious over depressions, you are free and have peace;...

The first thing you need to do to get your victory though, is to find out what side of the battlefield God is standing on and quickly go and stand by Him. 
If His word tells you that you are healed and that healing is His will for you, then stand with God and be 100% convinced that with God you will be victorious over disease and that you will come out healed. The same also counts for every other thing belonging to the curse. 

Once you then decided to stand with God, confess and let every demon and even the devil himself know, that you fight with God and that you will be victorious over the curse! Talk about it with boldness.  

So after you found out on what side God is standing on and decided to stand with Him, it is time to train your senses to see the victory and to learn to see in the spiritual real, because whatever you are fighting, the origin is always in the spiritual and not the physical realm. 
By “seeing in the spiritual realm” I mean that God and your heavenly armies become more real to you than your circumstances and everything the devil keeps in front of your eyes, and it means that your victory becomes more real to you than your symptoms and any other physical things. 

If you can see in the spiritual in every situation and every circumstance, then you will never be afraid, because every time you will see God and His armies clearly and you will know that you are already victorious! (2. Kings 6,15-17) 

Learn to see your healing clearer than your symptoms, your prosperity clearer than your empty plate, your dream job clearer than your unemployment,…
It is not always easy to do this, but this is exactly the training that you as soldier of Christ need to win every battle!

You as messenger of God have armies of heaven round about you, which are always ready to fight for you and ready to win your battles! 
You have command over those armies but to see and use them, you need to learn how to function in the spiritual realm instead of the physical realm. 
Learn to see the legions of angels around you and learn to see God himself fighting your battles, and you won’t have to be afraid anymore, because you will know that you always come out victorious! (2. Kings 6,11-23)