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Write the Vision

07 Feb 2019

Write down your vision and make it plain, so that you can read if often.

Habbakuk 2,2-3

It is so important that you have visions for your future, because without visions you will only run circles. You will probably be busy every day, but you will be busy not going anywhere and spend decades not moving forward. 
You have to get yourself a vision for your future, the bigger the better, no matter how possible it seems to you right now. 
Your vision cannot be something vague, you need to be able to picture it up to the smallest detail. You need to see it clearly (plain). 

That means, that if your vision for your future is a new car, then it is not enough to just see some car before your inner eye, but you need to have a clear image of the car you want. You need to know the brand you want, the model, the color, the seat-covers, the tires and everything else that belongs to it, even up to the exact price.
After you know that, print photos of that car, it would be even better if you sat inside the car in those photos, and add those photos to your written vision. 
It might sound childish and foolish to do that, but that is exactly what you need to have a PLAIN (clear) vision and exactly that is needed, to make that vision come to pass. 

Hebrews 11,1 says, that by faith we manifest our hopes (visions) and that faith is the assurance that we will have that still invisible (in the physical) vision. 

That means, that by faith you manifest your visions, and faith can only function if you are convinced that the vision will come to pass (no ifs and buts). If you have that kind of faith, then that faith will be your assurance that the vision will come to pass with 100% certainty. 

So by writing down your visions, by printing out photos, by making it very plain and by reviewing them daily, you will strengthen your faith and you will become more and more convinced that the vision is the truth, until that vision finally manifests in the physical realm. 

No matter if you want a new car, a new house, children, a husband/wife, healing, prosperity or more success in life, you always have to start with a vision, so that that vision will manifest through your faith!

Visions are vitally important for reaching the goals in your life. It is not enough to just vaguely see yourself reaching your goals, but you need to be specific about what your heading for.
Write your vision down with every little detail, make it plain (easy to understand) and put it somewhere so that every time you run by, you will see and read it. 
That kind of vision for your future won’t just stay a dream, “because it will surely come, it will not tarry.” (Habakkuk 2,3)