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Consider your End

06 Feb 2019

Oh that they were wise, that they understood this, 
That they would consider their latter end!

Deuteronomy 32,29

Only fools act without considering the consequences of their decisions. 
Too often do we act and especially speak without even considering what our words and our actions will bring with them. 

God warns us from that kind of speaking and acting, because it will always bring death (destruction/separation) with it. 
Whether its hurt feelings, a weakened self-consciousness, strife or physical harm, it is all manifestation of death and you, as empowered representative of God, shouldn't bring them with you.

The verse not only talks about the eternal life and considering what comes after death, but also about all the small decisions you have to make in your every day life. 
You always have to ask yourself the question: “What will my words/actions cause and what effect will they have on the hearer?”
Only if you can answer that question with “It will edify the hearer, bring peace and grace (Ephesians 4,29)” should you act and if you cannot answer your question with that, then shut up!

Considering your end not only relates to your interaction with others, but also to your personal life and the decisions you have to make for yourself. If you don't want to be a fool, then you always need to have your goal before your eyes first and secondly move on it, not the other way around. 
If you want to have a new house and want to release your faith for that, it is not enough to just say “i want a new house”, instead you need to find out exactly what type of house you want, how expensive it will be and everything else around it, so that you have a very clear goal before your eyes, and after you have done all that you can act and release your faith! If you want healing you need to see yourself healed, if you want to live in prosperity you need to see yourself rich, … 

Be wise and consider your end, so that you may alway live in peace and abundance, in the land that your God promised to you!

A wise man always considers the final destination!
To have success in life and to live the good life you always need to consider the outcome, in every decision you make. 
Some things might seem like the perfect choice for you right now, but you need to take a moment of your time and consider where that choice is going to take you. 
You don’t need to see every step along the way, but never start unless you know what your heading for! (Deuteronomy 32,29)