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Be a mature Child of God!

05 Feb 2019

“Ask, and it will be given to you;...”

Matthew 7,7

When the bible says that you are a child of God and should act like one, it doesn't refer to the immaturity of children, but it refers to their great trust and their confidence, in that everything their father has belongs to them and that they can take it without begging and pleading. 

It is important to become mature in the spirit through revelation from the word, and that maturity doesn't include the doubting and questioning of Gods will or His ability, like too many Christians believe nowadays. 

To be mature means to completely understand Gods will for you and to have great trust in Him, no matter what your circumstances say. 
To not know Gods will and to doubt His ability is the opposite of being mature and many Christians nowadays think of themselves as being "mature" in the word, still doubting the will of God for all men and even think that He has no power anymore. Those christians are immature babies and have not come to know the truth!

“I know the bible says that we are healed through Jesus, but I think that God wants to teach me something through this sickness.”
“I know that the bible says that Jesus became poor that we can be rich, but I want to be humble and live in poverty to glorify my God.”…These are words of many Christians and Theologians that think they know God, but actually completely missed the truth!

No matter what theologians say, no matter what the pope says and no matter what 10000 preachers say, as long as your spirit and Gods word says something different, don't believe them and keep your faith in the word, because then you will become mature and ready to receive. 
Don`t hold anything against theologians, the pope or preachers, but make the decision to always believe Gods word and not believe theories, opinions and experiences of men.

The bible says: "God is Good and He only does Good things!". So it should be settled for you that God doesn't give sickness, lack or misfortune, and if anyone comes to you and tries to tell you that its Gods will for him to suffer, then don't believe his experiences and opinions but instead keep trusting the word of God!

He says that if you ask, He will give it to you! Without if's and but's. Believe that and stand firmly on the word. Be mature and come to God like a child, boldly and without having to ask if it`s really His will to give you something good!

God doesn’t move on doubt and uncertainty. As long as you still have to pray “if it be your will...”, you don’t allow God to move on your behalf, especially after He clearly told you His will in His word!
If even you would do your best to keep your child out of sickness and poverty, how much more will your heavenly Father provide you with everything you need?
Stop doubting and come boldly before God, receiving what belongs to you as BELOVED child of the Most High! (Matthew 7,9-11)