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God in You - A small Whisper

01 Feb 2019

And after the earthquake a fire, 
but the Lord was not in the fire. 
And after the fire the sound of a low whisper.

1 Kings 19,12

Too many people seek God in the spectacular nowadays and completely forgot what Gods voice actually sounds like.

We are often so caught up in all our circumstances, that we don't take time to hear from God and even when we do it, we don't know what His voice sounds like anymore.
Too many still pray: "Lord if it's your will, let 3 red cars pass by one after the other, or let the door bell ring 3 times, or...". That kind if prayer is what I mean by "seeking God in the spectacular". 

You shouldn't try to hear from God in the "natural", because He gave you a much better way of communicating with Him. It's His spirit inside you!
You as born again son/daughter of the most high, have His spirit inside of you. That spirit is constantly talking and knows the answers to all of your difficult questions, and if you simply turn to Him in every situation, you will experience Gods guidance every time and you can then be 100% certain, that you made the right choice!

"I knew somewhere inside that it wasn't the right thing to do, yet I did it anyway and now look where it got me." How often have you heard those words before? Something bad happened to someone and they just say: "I somehow knew that it wasn't the right thing to do, yet I did it anyways."

That KNOWING inside you, that most people ignore or overwrite with their logic, is God!
Some people call it conscience, and the conscience is also a part of Gods voice in you, but it goes a lot further and deeper than just that.

Learn to discern that small voice (low whisper) in you and start valuing it, because it is God that is speaking to YOU! Stop overwriting His voice with your logic or your circumstances and in every decision you make, ask the all knowing spirit of God inside you. That is a biblical key to success!

You need to stop seeking God in the spectacular and start listening to the small voice inside of you instead.
If you want to hear from God and get His guidance, then you need to stop looking at your circumstances and focus on the small voice inside you. 
God doesn't need to give you signs in the visible, because now that you have His spirit inside you, He can talk to you if you will only listen. His voice might only sounds like a low whisper to you at the time, but if you train to listen to His voice, it will become stronger, until His words are more real to you than your circumstances! (1. Kings 19,11-12)