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From Dream to Reality

31 Jan 2019

Through God we shall do valiantly (courageous & heroic things),
for He it is Who shall tread down our adversaries.

Psalms 60,12

To make it somewhere in life, it is necessary to have a vision! 

Before you start anything, you first need to sit down and think about what the end result will look like. Because if you don’t know what the end looks like, you will never know when you get there.
So if you don’t have a vision of your future yet, then know that you need a goal. Only then can you move in the right direction. 

Let’s just say you want to receive healing. You might know that it’s Gods will to heal you, but if you don’t have a vision of that (if you cannot see yourself healed), it is impossible to get there. You need to see it in order to get there.
You need to start seeing yourself healed. Every time you look in the mirror, you shouldn’t be looking at the sickness. You should only see healing. 

Only if you have that vision of your future, you can actively and straightway go towards that vision (your dream), right here and now.
And that same principle works for all other areas of your life. Whether you want to build a house, get a new job, open up a store or do something different. You always need to have a vision FIRST! 

Your visions are what get you further in life. Because without vision and dreams for your future, you will get stuck in your life and never get to see the beauty and perfection that God prepared for you. 

Never allow yourself to get stuck in life, simply because you don’t have dreams for your future! It is necessary that you always have a vision for your future and believe me: That vision cannot be too big! Without a vision, your life will stagnate and you will always be stuck in the same daily routine and run in circles for years, without getting anywhere.
Get yourself a BIG (seemingly impossible) vision for your life and start dreaming about it today. And you will see that every day will get you one step closer to it, until you finally live your dreams! (Psalm 60,12)