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Withstand and Resist!

30 Jan 2019

For you have need of steadfast patience (you need to resist / withstand),
so that you may fully accomplish the will of God,
and thus receive and enjoy to the full what is promised.

Hebrews 10,36

The people that receive everything from God, up until completion, are the ones that are willing to stand on His word forever. 

Hebrews 10,36 says that after you did the will of God, you have need of patience and of withstanding and resisting, so that you can receive the promise! 

When it talks about the will of God here it doesn’t refer to the law of the old covenant though. It talks about doing what God put on your heart.
It might be that He told you to proclaim something over your life, to go to people and tell them about Him, to tip the waiter 20 extra Euros …
That is not limited. All you need to do is listen to God yourself and THEN act on it. 

So after you acted and for example proclaimed healing over your life, you need to WITHSTAND! 

The word translated patience here also means to withstand and resist, since you are not expected to sit around waiting on God. You need to actively withstand and resist.
It means to to withstand and resist all your circumstances and influences that are not from God, because right after you proclaimed Gods Word over your life, they will try to get it out of you again!

For example would the devil come to you, right after you proclaimed healing over your life, and tell you: “Well look, you still have the symptoms, you are still sick, your sickness is incurable, Gods Word doesn’t work anyways and just look at everyone around you … do you really think that you are something better that God would heal you?” 

That’s the kind of doubt that the devil will bring to you. And that’s exactly why James warned you, so that you now know it and so that you can now ACTIVELY resist the devil and not let go of Gods promise!
To resist and withstand means to stand firmly on Gods Word and to keep proclaiming that you are already healed, NO MATTER what your circumstances tell you! 

That kind of resistance brings great reward with it. It will make you whole and complete, receive the promise and lack in NOTHING! 

In other words: You will be healed, you will be rich, you will be full of joy, you will be successful!

You need to withstand and resist!
It is Gods will for you to be blessed right here and now, but it is your resistance that will manifest your faith and cause you to overcome in no time. And that’s where Gods promises show up!
Be one of the few that receives, because they are willing to stand on Gods Word forever. And you will see that you won’t have to stand on it for long until the promise shows up! (James 1,4 & 2. Corinthians 6,2)