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A Better Covenant

29 Jan 2019

But now Jesus, our High Priest,
has been given a ministry that is far superior to the old priesthood,
for he is the one who mediates for us a far better covenant with God,
based on better promises.

Hebrews 8,6

Hebrews 8,6 tells us that we are free from the old covenant (testament) through Jesus and therefore from the curse of the law. He did that so that now we can live in a new covenant with Him, with better promises and in which we can finally receive everything He has for us! 

To be free from the law means to be free from all the laws of the old covenant, which were necessary to be “righteous” before God and therefore necessary to get closer to Him. It was based on our own efforts (which made it impossible).
NOW you are free from that curse though (Galatians 3,13). You are not under the law anymore, because Jesus made you righteous through HIS works! You don’t need to keep all the laws anymore to receive something from God or to fellowship with Him, because Jesus already paid for it. 

In the new covenant, God writes the new laws on your heart and gives you His spirit, to always lead you and to give you the right choice in every situation! 

But when I read that verse, I started wondering whether I can still use the promises of the old covenant, or whether they passed away along with the old covenant. (I didn’t want to let go of great promises like Deuteronomy 28 or Malachi 3.) 

That question bothered me until God gave me a good example to understand it better. 

Just think about the promises of the old and new covenant as money and the curse as lack. In the old covenant you got a 50 Euro note through the blessing, but you still had some lack since you were 80 Euros in debt. But in the new covenant, God gives you 100 Euros for the same situation, to not only get rid of the lack, but to also give you overflow!

The 100 Euros (promises) you now have include the 50 Euros of the old covenant, but lack doesn’t come with it! 

You and I can be just as blessed as Abraham and even more than that. We can have just as much success and wisdom as Salomon and even more … 

Jesus came to give you life and that in abundance and overflow. Have a revelation of the grace of God and live a life in which Jesus didn’t become poor and in which He wasn’t beaten for no reason! (2. Corinthians 8,9 & Isaiah 53,5) 

You finally live under the NEW covenant which is based on better promises! Through Jesus it is finally over with the curse of the law and now you can live free with God and receie everything He has for you. Everything you needed to do under the old covenant to make sure that God won’t turn from you is passed away, because Jesus gave YOU a better covenant. Now God says: “I will, I will, I will!"
Everything that is left for you to do is get up,  be lead by the Spirit and step into your promised land! (Hebrews 8,6)