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Stay Active - Sober and Watchful

28 Jan 2019

 Be sober, be watchful!

1 Peter 5,8

God wants you to enjoy His abundance. Abundance in your relationship, your health, abundance in your fridge, your bank account and any other area. 
That’s exactly why He warns you and tells you to not fall asleep and slumber in Proverbs 6,9-11.

It is important that you are sober and watchful, because only then can you live your life in full fellowship with God, every day, every hour and every second.
And that is the kind of close relationship in which God can continuously allow His blessing to flow. It is that kind of relationship in which the devil has no chance to lay a finger on you! 

The verses don’t talk about physical sleep. They talk about the importance of being sober and watchful. They talk about the slumber of the Spirit.
It means to stop ACTIVELY practising the word of God in your life and to hand the leadership over to your daily circumstances.
It means to always wait on receiving something from other people or from God, even though He already gave you EVERYTHING and even though it is completely up to you to receive! 

To live ACTIVELY (sober and watchful) means to be continually connected to Him. It means to plan your day around Gods Word, instead of trying to fit it in somewhere.
It means to fall asleep with Gods Word on your mind and to wake up excited about the things that God has already prepared for you today.
It means to stand on His promises and to be immovable when your circumstances try to tell you anything contrary. 

To live ACTIVELY means to be Gods friend and to do nothing without first asking Him. That’s how He will also not do anything without letting you know first. 

It might sound like a lot of work, but the truth is that this is the most beautiful and fulfilling life that you could ever live.
Your friend (God) will never lead you into the traps of satan and every attack will lead you into victory, so that you come out even more blessed every time.
That means that He gets you out of your debt, your sickness, your strife and out of your stagnation, into His never-ending peace, where you always have more than enough of anything you could need or want! 

Religion taught us to lean back, fold our hands and pray to God, with the thought that He will do it if it’s His will. BUT it is that way of thinking that still keeps you in bondage!
You cannot afford to lower your guard by slumbering and sleeping. You need to be sober and watchful, always firm on Gods Word. Don’t allow yourself to have “bad” days every now and then. Keep your joy and beat the devil every time, no matter which way he comes against you! (Proverbs 6,9-11)