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You Live in those Days!

27 Jan 2019

Justice (righteousness) will walk before him
and make his footsteps a path.

Psalms 85,14

The old testament and especially the Psalms often talk about that which is yet to come and it talks about days that God won’t be mad at us anymore. It talks about days where He will live in peace with us and give us only good things, but too often we don’t realise that we already live in those days! 

You are the righteousness of God! (2. Corinthians 5,21) You are righteous before God and therefore you are in exactly the position that David and many others under the old covenant (testament) dreamed about!
Those people knew exactly that once you are the righteousness of God, every other thing will come to you automatically. But they also knew that their sin is between them and God and therefore they dreamt about days where the righteousness of God will be with us and where we will be righteous. 

Now I have good news for you though. Jesus died so that you can have life and that’s why I can assure you, “ … now is the time of Gods favour, now is the day of salvation!” (2. Corinthians 6,2) 

You are living in days of salvation. You live in the days where God dwells inside you and in which you can come right before the throne of God, to get rid of all your plagues and problems. You live in the days in which God Himself directs you and always goes before you, to prepare your path. You live in days in which God is not made at you, but in which life is full of grace and favor! 

You don’t have to crawl on your knees and pray 50 times to see if God will be gracious. Through Jesus that Grace already came and now it is time for you to get up, to be lead and to star walking. God Himself will prepare your path! 

You are the lucky one that the Psalmists talked about. You finally have the righteousness and as righteousness of God the days of begging are over. You live in days in which God is inside you and talks straight to you. You live in days where you need to be lead by the spirit and take a step of faith, knowing that no matter where your step takes you, God is already there! (Psalm 85,14 & 2. Corinthians 5,21)