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Build on the unchanging

26 Jan 2019

Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away.

Mark 13,31

God’s word is the greater reality in every situation and the only never changing truth! 

Biblical truth (aletheia) refers to a reality that is reliable, never changing and sustainable.
That means that if you want to call something the truth, it needs to be reliable, never changing and sustainable! 

So are your feelings really your truth, is that what you want to live by? One minute you are hungry, the next minute you are full, one day you are sad, the next you are happy, …
Are your symptoms or your diseases really your truth? One day it hurts more, the next day less, the next week you are coughing with a headache and then all of a sudden it’s all gone again … Are your problems really your truth? 

Just think about it. All the things that most people are lead by are constantly changing, unreliable and therefore not sustainable (that’s how the people are also often unreliable, constantly changing and unsustainable)! 

So if there is nothing sustainable here in this world (even heaven and earth will pass away), why do you still build your life on constantly changing circumstances?
You have access to something unchanging, which is God’s word! 

God’s word never changes and will never change. No matter if you are sick or healthy, He always says “You have been healed through my stripes.” No matter if you are rich or poor, He always says “I was made poor so that you can be rich”. Even if you’re living in strife and your problems are burying you, He always says “I am your peace”. 

His word is always the same and when you build your life on His word, it will be stable and not depending on circumstances anymore!
You will be healthy, when everyone around you is sick; you will be rich, when everything is going downhill and you will have peace, when there is only chaos around you.

His word is the greater reality (it is far above all your circumstances) and therefore it will replace your circumstances, if you use it! 

It is peace to know that God’s word will never pass away and that it will always be the greater reality! If God’s word will even outlast heaven and earth, how much more will it throne over your seemingly impossible situations?
All your circumstances and problems are subject to change and passing away, and they will change if you build on the unchanging word of God.
With God’s word as your foundation you will turn your problems into blessings and you will enjoy the fullness of God! (Mark 13,31)