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A good Diet

26 Dec 2018

…thou shalt be a good minister of Jesus Christ,
nourished up in the words of faith…

1 Timothy 4,6

Religion has tried to teach us that Gods word is not for everyone, that we don’t need to read it ourselves and that only the pastor has to really know it. But do you think that your family could survive if only you would get nourished while the others watch you eat? 

Just like you should keep your body alive and healthy, by eating good and enough, the same way do you have to do it with your spirit.
When you only supply your body with trash and bad food, or with no food at all, it won’t be well and it will eventually die, and when you don’t nourish your Spirit with enough food and don’t do it frequently enough, it won’t be able to grow and become mighty!

It is not enough for you to think about God and His Word once in a while, for the thought of food hasn’t ever nourished anyone. Or do you think that after the thought of a nice cake you could say: “Woah… that thought really filled me up!”?

Gods Words are sweeter than honey and far more enjoyable than normal food, especially once you see their results.
Don’t be satisfied with just thoughts any longer and don’t feed yourself with unbelief, doubt, bad news, reports or other junk. Find the words of faith instead and create a good diet for yourself. 

Just like you want to keep your physical body in good shape, to live long and enjoy abundance here on earth, even more so should you work on getting your spiritual body in shape, because that one won’t just serve you here, but also in eternity!

Just like you might enjoy the thought of certain foods, but then actually have to go and eat it, to stay alive and well, you also need to feed on the words of faith.
You might have been feeding on bad news, reports, doubt and unbelief for a long time, while only thinking about how good it could have been, but to live in the things of God, you need to get up, open your bible and actually feed on words of faith! Words of faith will change your whole life into what you have been dreaming about. Now feed on them so they are always ready to flow out of you!
(Psalm 119,103 & 1. Timothy 4,6-11)