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Double Blessing

25 Dec 2018

Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that increases to your credit.

Philippians 4,17

When we think about sowing and reaping nowadays, most usually only look at the seed, that they sow and thereby “loose”, which at the same time keeps them from sowing at all, simply because they are not willing to look at the fruit that is still invisible while sowing. 

Now Paul didn’t act like that back then, and I want to encourage you to not act that way any longer either, because your decision to sow or not to sow will change your life. 

The Philippians in these verses decided to sow into the ministry of Paul and thereby let him enjoy abundance, yet just like we can read in verse 17, Paul himself was far more exited about the fruit (harvest) that the Philippians will get, than he was about his abundance, for once the fruit is come forth, the seed is not worth being compared to it!

We were taught that we need to trample on others to live a good and successful life, even though this is not Gods way, for He wants to bless you both.
Just like Paul, God wants to satisfy all your needs and desires, while blessing others with abundance.
(verse 18-19) 

So don’t try to eat all your seed by yourself any longer, because that is how you will destroy yourself and bring harm to those close to you.
Choose to sow and reap in everything you do and you will see yourself come up and bring forth amazing fruit, while allowing those around you to enjoy abundance!

Sowing and reaping is the solution to your problem! 

We were taught that for us to live the good and the abundant life, we need to trample on someone else and pull them down, even though in God there is a better way.
God showed you a way to get all your needs and desires met, while bringing overflow to others in the process.
God has enough to bless you, your neighbour and everyone else, without needing to pull someone down for your blessing. Live by sowing and reaping and you will see what I’m talking about! (Philippians 4,15-20)