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Recognition, Love and Perfection

24 Dec 2018

And above all these things put on charity (love),
which is the bond of perfectness.
And let the peace of God rule in your hearts…

Colossians 3,14-15

As believers we have many tools that we can and should use, but many of those are only partial and thereby cannot make you perfect/complete/whole.
Now 1. Corinthians 13,8-13 talks about these things and if you go through it, you will find that only this love can make you whole. 

Love is the bond that can make everything in your life complete and close all gaps that are still there. But it is important to know that this doesn’t talk about feelings, but about an uncompromising decision that you have to make. 

So if you chose love, then your way to perfection/completeness/wholeness just started, because love requires recognition (getting to know someone) to bring about perfection. 

When you only know your partner or God in part, then you cannot live in complete love, for you cannot apply that love specifically.
That is also the reason for why only God can make you whole, for only He knows you inside out! 

What I am saying with this is following:
When you want to live in a relationship with God or your partner, that fulfils you and makes you whole/complete, then you first need to choose love, and then you need to work on getting to know your partner more and more.

Only complete recognition can bring about perfect love which can then make you whole, in the relationship with your partner, with God, but also in all other areas! 

Love is the strongest force that you and I have available and even though there are many other tools we have as believers, Love is the one that brings perfection/wholeness!
But love that makes everything perfect cannot be based on partial recognition, for only complete recognition can bring complete love which makes YOU complete/perfect. Work on recognising and getting to know your partner more and more, so that you can perfect the love, for that is how all gaps in your relationship will be closed up! (Colossians 3,14-15 & Corinthians 13,8-13)