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Build a strong Life

21 Dec 2018

…Christ Jesus himself being the cornerstone,
in whom the whole structure, being joined together,
grows into a holy temple.

Ephesians 2,20-21

I am sure that you enjoy dreaming about a beautiful life and about something firm and steady, that you can always rely on, yet most of these are only air-built castles which are crushed by the “hard” reality in the next moment. Nevertheless, it is Gods will for you to build strong and steady things here on this earth and enjoy growth! 

This doesn’t only talk about houses or castles, incase you want a castle, but it also talked about everything going on in your life. It talks about your relationship, your kids, your work, success at school, reaching physical goals and everything else in your life. 

So now to experience growth and let all your “buildings” become tall and steady, you need to have the correct cornerstone.
A cornerstone is the first stone placed and that stone determines the position of all others stones, thereby determining the final outcome of the whole structure.

So when you used your own logic and some random ideas to build your building, no matter what you might be building, then this only partially good cornerstone will change your building into something weak and destructible.
If you use Jesus as your cornerstone though, who knows everything about your current situation and knows how to build your building to perfection, your building will grow in His glory, His love, joy, success, etc., and THEN it will be firm, steady and indestructible! 

That means that Jesus should be the beginning and the guide in all areas of your life, because then you will have success and grow taller than all the rest of this world.

Before you do anything and make any decision, ask Him, listen to Him, let Him guide you, receive His wisdom and THEN your dreams will become a steady, sustainable and indestructible reality!

The key to growth and the key to building anything, whether it is spiritually or physically, financially or in a relationship, is making Jesus your cornerstone!
A cornerstone is the first stone to be placed, which will determine the position of the entire structure, and if that stone is Jesus, in everything you do, then your building will become big and indestructible.
So before you do anything, seek Jesus, hear from Him and receive direction and revelation from first hand. He as your cornerstone, is the One thing you need for growth and building your strong life! (Ephesians 2,17-22)