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What does your Future hold?

20 Dec 2018

I sought the Lord, and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears.

Psalms 34,4

That verse sounds nice and of course we all would like to be free from our fears, but how exactly does it work? What is the mechanism behind it? 

Well, I am glad you asked.

When you look at what fear really is, you will find that fear is only there because you are uncertain of your future. Fear, in any area of life, simply means to not know what the future holds and it is that uncertainty that makes you afraid.
Now if you would know what’s expecting you in your future and if you already saw it, you would have no reason to be afraid at all, because in that moment you are CERTAIN!

As long as you don't know whether you passed the test or not, there is place for fear. As long as you don’t know if your kids are safe, you leave place for fear. As long as you don’t know if you will die tomorrow or not, if you will have enough money for your family, if you will be healed, etc., you always leave place for fear.
But now what if you could see that you passed, that your kids are well, that you have abundance in your finances or that you will be healed?

So it is the knowing and the “seeing your future” that you need to finally live fear free, and thank God that He revealed your future to you.

Phrases like “Well you just never know”, or “We´ll just have to see how it turns out…” are not for you anymore. You can seek God, let Him show you your future and thereby become fear free, for NOW you KNOW what’s expecting you!

Come before God, realise what belongs to you and read Jeremiah 29,11. You will see how fear will flee, as you see that your future in God only gets better! 

Fear is simply a not knowing what’s going to happen next, what your future holds and how life is going to be a few years from now. If you could already see your future though, you would automatically stop fearing because now all uncertainty is gone!
Well in this world, our future always seems uncertain. Yet with God our future is fixed and unchangeably based on His promises and His blessing.
So now what do you want to live by? Do you want to be fear free, certain about your future and certain that it is only getting better? If so, choose God and believe His word! (Psalm 34,4 & Jeremiah 29,11)