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Freedom through Discipline

19 Dec 2018

…and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

2 Corinthians 3,17

Freedom is something that everyone is seeking, yet it is misunderstood by many people. People think that freedom means to be able to do everything they want, to not be held back by anything and to be free to live all their desires.

That kind of freedom means to live a life without discipline though. It is a longing for letting your flesh/body do whatever it wants to do, without having to control it.
But no matter how much this might sound like freedom to you, it is not freedom, because true freedom requires discipline and a strong Spirit!

God himself is Spirit and where that Spirit is, THERE is freedom. Now God is a God of discipline and self-control though, so freedom cannot exist without discipline and self-control.

Just think about it for a second. If you would really be free to do anything your flesh tells you to do, you would end up doing all kinds of wrong things and your flesh will keep desiring more and more, until those desires and your acts will put you in bondage again.
Now if you are strong in your Spirit though and learned to cast down bad thoughts, then you have what it takes to discipline your flesh and THEN you are ready to enjoy true freedom!

Almost everything here in this world tries to put you in bondage and capture you, and it always looks appealing and desirable from the outside, but because of that you should be stronger in Spirit and work together with God, so that even though all these things are pulling you, you keep the relationship with the One that does not want to put you in bondage, but gives freedom!

True freedom comes out of discipline and a close relationship with God (a strong Spirit).

People always seek to live in freedom and they define it as being able to do whatever their flesh wants to do, yet that kind of freedom means to be free from discipline.
That is a problem, because to live in perfect liberty, you need to have discipline and need to be strong in Spirit, to control your flesh instead of letting it run loose, because if it runs loose it will end up putting you in bondage in no time.
True liberty can only come through discipline and a Spirit-lead life. That kind of freedom is worth putting your flesh under! (Galatians 5,13-22 & 2. Corinthians 3,17-18)