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The fulfilled Life

18 Dec 2018

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness,
and all these things will be added to you.

Matthew 6,33

Every human being has a desire for God. Some know that it is God they desire, but don’t know how to get to Him, while others don’t want to realise it and they seek to satisfy their desires some other way. But either way, everyone eventually comes to the conclusions that NOTHING in this world can satisfy them.

That sounds sad and extreme, but I am sure that you have experienced it already too.
Personally it often happened to me that I wanted something so badly, whether it was a new phone, a car, a toy, or anything else, that I thought that having this thing or that person would finally satisfy me completely. But again and again I had to realise that after a few days, weeks or months it wasn’t so great after all and that I still wasn’t satisfied. 

Now just like in the small, it also happens to bigger extends. People reach big goals, become millionaires, get new houses or a nice marriage, but only a short time after everything seems old and they look for more, unsatisfied and insatiable.

That is terrible. Yet YOU and I, we don’t have to live that way any longer, because we know the ONE that can satisfy you completely, before you even reached or received anything!

God can satisfy you completely and finally make you whole, and when you seek Him, you will finally live whole and satisfied and receive EVERYTHING else on top of that, while remaining satisfied. 

Don’t seek your second half, the one person or the one thing that you think will make you whole. Because if you approach it from that point of view it will always disappoint you. 
Seek God first and be made whole in the relationship with Him and THEN receive EVERYTHING else. Only then it won’t destroy you and only then you will truly enjoy it!

We all enjoy having new things. New cars, new houses, new phones, new everything. But over and over again we find that those things cannot satisfy us nor make us whole. Everyone is looking for something that will satisfy their inner desire for God, whether it is in new things, new relationships, drugs or pornography. Yet no matter how far you go, there will always be something missing!
God is the only one that can satisfy you, no matter how much you have or don’t have, and only with Him you will keep increasing while remaining satisfied. (Matthew 6,24-33)