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When God Comforts

17 Dec 2018

So the church had peace and was being built up.
… and walking in the comfort of the Holy Spirit, it multiplied.

Acts 9,31

Most of my Christian life, I thought that the Holy Spirit was only a comfort for us, so that we can get over the sad departure of Jesus more easily, and that is why I always wished that Jesus was still here in person, to finally help me and change my life.

Many Christians nowadays still have those thoughts, especially when they read verses like these, but I want to set you free from that misunderstanding today!

Everything that God does, no matter what and where, is ALWAYS better when He finishes with it, as it was when He started. That is the case with your life now and paradise, but that is also the case with Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
When God sent Jesus, He made this world better than it was before and when Jesus left and the Holy Spirit came, He made the world and Your life even better than it would have been with Jesus still around. (John 16,7)

That’s why the Holy Spirit is not a comfort for us, in the way we understand comfort nowadays. Instead He is the full power of God in our lives, which will bring paradise into your life right here and now, and which can work way better than Jesus could have here in person!
Jesus in person was only God by your side, while the Holy Spirit is God INSIDE YOU, so that it can uplift you, promote you and enable you to do the works of God yourself!

So can you see why Gods Spirit is not just a comfort, to make up for the much greater loss, and why it is actually God Himself inside YOU?
The Spirit includes all these aspects and that is how you should understand comfort nowadays.

When God comforts you, He doesn’t just tell you nice things. No!
He lifts you up out of your pit and puts you up higher than you were before your fall!

We, as believers, didn’t receive the Holy Spirit to just make up for Jesus leaving, wishing that we could live with Him and have Him here in person.
The Spirit of God was sent to you in all the ability of Jesus Himself and in even more power than Jesus would have over your life if He was still here in person.
Having the Spirit is not a nice comfort after a great loss. No! Having the Spirit is better than having Jesus here in person, because the Spirit brings unlimited power to manifest Gods kingdom right here in YOUR life! (Acts 9,31 & John 16,7-15)