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He remains in You

16 Dec 2018

…if we are faithless, he remains faithful
—for he cannot deny himself.

2 Timothy 2,13

Over decades we have been told that God cannot remain in us as long as we sin and do bad things. We were told that we have to go to confession, that we have to seek God in a church or that we have to wrestle in prayer with Him for hours, just to receive Him again, BUT that is not the good news that Jesus had for us!

When you messed up and did something, even though you knew that it wasn't the right thing to do and now your conscience is bothering you, then it is not time to look for God wherever you can. Especially in those times you need to look for Him where you would least expect Him to be, because that is exactly where He is at!
When you were unfaithful, He still remains faithful and won’t leave you. Therefore look for God INSIDE YOURSELF again, because He never left you.

God was with you when you sinned, He was with you when you felt bad and when your conscience condemned you, and just like that He is with you NOW too, willing to forgive.
Don’t be feeling lead and understand that God is faithful, that He won’t leave you nor forsake you and that He is willing to forgive you and NEVER AGAIN remember your mistakes!

When God says that He won’t remember it after you realised that you messed up and were willing to change, then He really won’t remember it again, no matter if you try to remind Him of it and no matter what the world is telling you.

Jesus made sure that sin WON’T be a problem in your life any longer.
Understand that, because that revelation won’t only let you forget and enjoy Gods company, but it will also lead you into a sin-free life, where you can truly be FREE! 

When you messed up and did something you know not to do, then don’t try to look for God all over the place. Look for Him in the one place you would least expect Him to be. Look for Him INSIDE YOU!
God is faithful, even when you are unfaithful, and therefore He will NEVER leave you nor forsake you. He was there when you messed up, He is there with you now, and the best of all is that He is willing to forgive you and treat you like nothing ever happened! With that revelation, sin cannot hold you back any longer and only in that mindset will you be able to live a sin-free life!
(2. Timothy 2,13 & Deuteronomy 31,6-8)