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Stick with the first Love

15 Dec 2018

But I have this against you, that you have abandoned the love you had at first.
Remember therefore… do the works you did at first!

Revelation 2,4-5

Very often it is the people that just got saved that also see big breakthroughs, experience big things with God or receive things that you have been praying for the past few years.
I have seen that happen a few times and I have heard many testimonies along that line, until the question came up in me why they receive it so easily, while others that have been with God their whole lives don’t receive those things. 

Now God doesn’t look at the person, which means that He has the best of the best for all His children, whether old or young, and therefore it is not His fault if you haven’t received yet... it’s yours!

When people just came to God they have a great excitement and desire for Him, which caused them to receive Him in the first place, and it is that very desire (that first love), that opens the doors wide to the blessing.  

The moment that you received God should be the lowest point of the rest of your life, concerning your excitement and desire for God. You should increase in it daily and God wants to overwhelm you with His favour daily. And if you would only take some time for Him, your desire would keep burning! 

That first love is the miracle-working difference and you cannot afford to loose it. Stay with it and grow daily in excitement and in your desire for God and the blessing will flow automatically!

When people just got saved, they tend to see results quickly and they might receive things that you have prayed about for many years. Yet there is a simple reason for that. The excitement and the desire they had for God and that drove them to get saved in the first place is so powerful, that it simply puts you in the perfect position to receive. So don’t loose that first love and keep the desire for God burning. He has more than enough to keep you burning for the rest of your life!
(Revelations 2,4-5 & Proverbs 8,17-21)