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A tomorrow that's better than today

14 Dec 2018

Would it not be better for us to go back to Egypt?
…Let us choose a leader and go back to Egypt.

Numeri 14,3-4

We are often caught in the same situation as Israel was back then. God promised them a land that flows of milk and honey, He brought them right to it and lead them there. Today you are facing the biggest decision on the way.

Now do I believe God and move forward, or do I want to live in the past, because it felt good the way it was?

That is the decision that Israel had to make and just like them, you also have big decisions to make today, which will change your whole life. That is why you should keep Israel in mind, so you won’t end up like they did!

God did so many great miracles along their way. He even showed them that the land truly overflows with milk and honey and didn’t give Israel a single reason do doubt His faithfulness. Yet they chose to turn away, since the road back always looked easier.

Now the road back into your old life, just like it used to be, might also seem beautiful and easy, but most often that is because we have a twisted image of our past. We remember it being a lot better than it actually was. And that's why you need to know that your past has NOTHING left for you and that your heaven on earth lies AHEAD!

Don’t be one of those that turn back. Be one of the few that remember God despite the tough situation and refuse to waste time by taking their eyes off of what God promised.
Your promised land doesn’t lie behind you, because with God your tomorrow will always be greater than your today. Believe God and move forward, because then YOU will experience it too!

Whenever we are facing hard situations that will influence our life in a big way, we are tempted to look back and think of how good it was, how good it could have been or would have been. But there is NOTHING left for you in your past!
There are two different types of people. The ones that get stuck in their past and don’t move forward, and the ones that choose to believe God and reach the promised land!
Be free from your past and be one of the ones that believe God, and you will enter a life that is far better than your past ever was! (Numbers 14,1-9 & Hebrews 10,39)