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Let your Yes be a Yes

13 Dec 2018 not swear, either by heaven or by earth or by any other oath,
but let your “yes” be yes and your “no” be no...

James 5,12

There are far too many people nowadays that say one thing but then do something completely different. They betray each other and they are not honest, and even though this seems completely normal and accepted in the world, YOU shouldn’t act that way, not in the world, your faith-life or your relationship with God!

You, as representative of God himself, here on this earth, should follow His example, so that people can see Him through you and through the way you act, and that is why you should be a man or a woman of your word, because God always keeps His word.
Of course this requires more discipline and often requires you to keep your mouth shut and think before you say something. When you act like that though and always think about the effect and the consequences your words will have, before you speak them, then you will keep yourself out of a lot of trouble and strife.

So now it is important that you keep your word in this world and that your yes is a yes and your no a no, but it is just as important in your faith-life. 

When you pray over someone and pray: “I bless you…”, then be a man/a woman of your word and actually bless them. By saying “I bless you…” you only stated that you are about to bless that person, but you never actually blessed them. So Go the extra step, let God show you what blessing to speak and then speak it.

It should be the same way with your food or anything else. (For example not only “I bless you…”, but “Be fruitful and multiply!”)

When you tell someone that you love them, then be a man/a woman of your word, take the extra step and actually love them in everything you do.
When you say “I believe it…”, then take the extra step and actually act like it, so that it becomes obvious that you believe it.

So can you see why God warns us to not say something quickly and to not be a man/ a woman of your word?
You don’t need to swear by God or by your own life anymore, if you simply learn to think and then put action behind all of your words.
That is how you won’t only enjoy great respect and trust in your family and everywhere you go, but most of all will you act just like God by doing so!

You, as a representative of God himself, should be a man/woman of your word. The world is full with people who say one thing and then do another, but when God says something, He does it, and so when you say something, do it!
You don’t need to swear by God, by your own life, or anything else. Simply be a man/woman of your word, that doesn’t speak without thinking about the consequences first, and then you will not only act like God himself, but also be respected wherever you go! (James 5,12 & James 1,19-22)