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3 Steps to Victory

11 Dec 2018

Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion...

Genesis 1,28

This is not the only time in the Bible that that blessing was spoken. God also spoke the same blessing over Noah and others in the old testament, and even when Jesus blessed people or blessed the food, He probably used the same blessing, because He only said what He heard His father say!

So that blessing wasn’t only used back then, and that is why YOU should use it in your life today, because everything you do should bear good fruits, everything you have should multiply and you should fill the earth and have dominion over it. 
So before you just speak some worn down blessing over your food, that someone just came up with, or before you make something up to bless someone or to bless a situation, speak the true blessing instead, that GOD speaks and that brings change. 

With that in mind, I want to share 3 easy but powerful steps with you, with which you can receive the victory in every situation, before anything ever happened, and with which you can have peace in your spirit and your soul, especially right before important decisions, test, etc. 

So first of all, realize that you have authority over the devil and all his forces, and then bind him up in your situation, in Jesus Name.
You have the authority to bind everything here on this earth, that doesn’t correspond to heaven, and that’s why it is important that you bind the devil over your teachers, your tests, your children and everything else. (Matthew 18,18, AMP) 
Secondly, after you bound the devil, release the blessing over your situation, by speaking it directly to it. “_____, be fruitful and multiply, in the Name of Jesus!” 
It doesn’t need long sentences or big words, because that simple blessing holds all the power when you speak it by faith.
Lastly, write down the date and the time that you released the blessing, so that you can go back and remind yourself every time doubt comes up, that you already blessed the situation and that from that moment onwards the victory was already yours.

You don’t need to cry for hours on end, repeat your prayer 20 times or use big words. Simply follow those steps when you want to bless any situation in your life and then be confident that in the same moment you already received your victory!

God has already released His blessing and His success over your life and it is there for you to take. So get in position to receive it by following these 3 basic steps!
First of all, bind the devil and every force that is not from God over the situation you are praying about, in the Name of Jesus. Secondly, release the blessing by speaking it over your situation, the same way God spoke it. Lastly, write down the time and the date that you released the blessing, so when doubt comes you can always remind yourself of when you received your victory.
That is how your mind will not waver and be focused on the victory that is now going to manifest in your life! (Genesis 1,28 & Matthew 18,18)