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Individual Guidance

10 Dec 2018

And he (Moses) cried to the Lord, and the Lord showed him a log,
and he threw it into the water, and the water became sweet.

Exodus 15,25

The old testament is is not filled with the old covenant and commandments. It has many clues about the new covenant that You have with God through Jesus, and even in the old testament we can learn a lot about that new covenant.

Moses for example was one of those people that lived in the new type of covenant, even though everyone around him was stuck in the old.
The new covenant is a covenant in which God speaks directly to you and guides you individually and very specifically, instead of giving general tablets of the law, which will temporarily cover sin but never give you a relationship with God!

Here in Exodus 15 you can see what I mean.
All of Israel left Egypt despite all their unbelief and complaining, and now here in the desert they are complaining again. But because there is one man among them, that lives by the new covenant, all of Israel gets saved.
Instead of complaining with them and getting mad at God that there is no drinking water in the desert, Moses is the only one that turns to God to hear directly from Him, face to face, like with a friend, and that is how God could guide him very precisely and specifically for that situation.
God told him to throw a log into the water and that made the water drinkable. 

Now that would have already been impossible under the old covenant, since those general laws couldn’t guide you specifically, but furthermore, the same log wouldn’t make other waters sweet either!

That means that your current situation requires very exact and precise guidance, which can only come out of a friendship with God.  
So when God writes something on your heart, no matter how strange it might be, do it, for that is exactly what will turn your situation into good and into blessing!

God wants to guide your every step very precisely and specifically, as your friend, so that you can come up higher. So be willing to listen and to enjoy the individual guidance of the new covenant!

The new covenant that you have with God through Jesus is a covenant in which you are friends with God, in which He talks to you face to face, shares intimate things with you and guides you every step of the way.
That new covenant takes you out of the old laws into a place where He guides you individually and specifically, ensuring victory in every situation, which the old laws simply couldn’t!
Now all that is left for you to do is becoming sensitive to Gods voice on the inside of you, by staying in His word, and then being willing to follow. (Exodus 33,11 & 15,22-26)