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From Miracles to the Blessing of the Lord

09 Dec 2018

...the Lord your God will set you high above all the nations of the earth.
And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you...

Deuteronomy 28,1-2

I always used to think that living the life that Israel had when they were on their way to the promised land would be awesome, because it was full of miracles and because then I could see God through all of those, until God showed me that there is something far better than a wonder-ful (miraculous) life! 

Miracle means that God does something for you, WITHOUT you playing a part in it and simply because you had no power over the situation at all. 
Now there might be situations in your life that you have no power over, but that impotence is only there because you are not living in fellowship with God and therefore don’t work together with Him in those areas!

Miracles are nice, but just like we can see with Israel, they only exalt you for a short time and in the next moment you will be in the same hole that you were in before, begging for another miracle, simply because God worked FOR you instead of you working TOGETHER WITH Him.
That’s why you will need a new miracle every day and every moment if you want to live a wonder-ful life, and would you really enjoy depending on miracles to simply go shopping, eat something, have a warm bed or a little money? I don’t think so!

So now if you realized that a miraculous life is not what you want to live in, I want to show you a far better way, which is a life in the Blessing of the Lord.
To live in Gods Blessing means to have fellowship with Him, to follow Him and to listen to His guidance, instead of doing nothing and begging for miracles.

The Blessing of the Lord means to work TOGETHER with God and to create great and enduring things, which miracles couldn’t produce.
Gods Blessing exalts you just like miracles do, but the blessing will KEEP you up high instead of leaving you where you were before, needing another miracle. Moreover, a life in the Blessing lets you understand the way God works and the way the world functions, instead of leaving you wondering.  

So be willing to enter into a relationship with God and to work TOGETHER with Him.
It is the Blessing of the Lord that makes rich and adds no sorrows with it, not miracles!

Israels journey to their promised land was filled with miracles, and many people wish for a miraculous life like that today, yet we have something far greater than that!
A miracle is God doing something for you, where you had no control over it, simply because you were not fellowshipping with Him. Now miracles are nice, but you don’t want to be dependent on miracles for every little thing you do.
Instead of that you can live in fellowship with God and work TOGETHER with Him now, which gets out of the miraculous and over into the Blessing of the Lord, which sets you on high and keeps you there! (Deuteronomy 28,1-14)