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Go beyond the Emotions

07 Dec 2018

And the world is passing away along with its desires,
but whoever does the will of God abides forever.

1 John 2,17

People enjoy having different emotions. They like the emotions that maybe a nice song brings to them, a nice movie, a good sermon, a wedding, that being in love or being born again through Jesus brings, but as long as you rely on your emotions, you won’t make it very far!

All those emotions are nice and good, and you should have emotions and should enjoy being in love, a good sermon, being born again or other things, but many people nowadays rely on those emotions to make decisions in their lives.

The problem with this is that your emotions change from one minute to another and continuously waver. And as long as you base your decisions on your emotions, your whole live will also waver and be unstable, which stops you from moving forward.

People that rely on their emotions are the ones that need to feel a tingling every time to be sure that God is present. It is the ones that need to feel butterflies to be sure that they love or are loved. It is the ones that want to see the heavens opened when they are born again, that want to hear voices from heaven or that need to feel God before they can be healed.

All these things is what it means to be lead by your emotions, instead of controlling your emotions, and all that keeps you from enjoying Gods presence, from truly loving and being loved, from getting born again, from hearing from God or from being healed. It means to follow carnal and unstable things, instead of God!

So if you noticed that you are still being emotion lead in your life, change it. Don’t let feelings control you any longer and instead step into the spiritual, the invisible and the untouchable, which is everlasting, steady and therefore powerful.
A flesh-ruled man will be unstable in all his ways, but a spirit-lead man is steady and whole. That is how your feelings will align with your Spirit, not the other way around! 

Emotions are good and nice to have, but you should never be controlled by them nor rely on them for anything you do in life!
Your emotions can change within minutes and are sometimes up, sometimes down, and if you only go by them, your whole life will just be up and down and never really go anywhere. So next time you go through the emotions, go BEYOND them to a place where you control them, instead of them controlling you. Base your decisions on God and THEN your emotions will align with it! (1. John 2,14-17)