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Only you can run your race

06 Dec 2018

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith: henceforth there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness...

2 Timothy 4,7-8

Most believers know Psalm 91. They like reading its promises and get strengthened by it, but did you know that those verses are not written for those who sit at home and hide away from life, being too scared to take a step in faith?

There is a race for you as a believer, that was prepared just for you and that only you can complete to perfection!
That means that God has great plans for you and for your life, that He wants to do great things with you and that He requires YOUR unique skills to complete the plan.

That race is not for the weak and cowardly though. It is a race of patience, of steadfastness and of continuing in the things you know to do. Since you could never qualify for that race in your current condition only, God gave you everything you need. Now YOU just need to be willing to run the race and use His qualities!

On that race there will be people that will try to get you off track and catch you, there will be pests, there will be terror by night and arrows flying at day, ten thousands will fall on your right and thousands on your left, BUT because you run with and for God, none of these things will reach you and no evil will befall you! (Psalm 91)
All those things will happen around you, but YOU can simply continue heading towards your goal, unhindered.

It is that race where the fullness of God‘s blessing is, where all your great victories are, where all desires of your heart are met, where you will be satisfied with a long and fulfilling life, and it is that race after which you will also say: “I fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith…”

Go through Psalm 91 once more and find out what still lies ahead of you, and most importantly find out who is on your side and what belongs to you as assured victor!

There is a race prepared for you to run as a believer. It is not a sprint or something you can just dash through. Instead it is a race of patience, steadfastness, continuing in doing what you know to do and being lead every step of the way!
Now you cannot run that race sitting at home and being scared to step out by faith. It is not a race for the weak and cowardly, but thank God that we can run it in His strength!
There is great victories on the way, there is all desires of your heart met and there is the satisfaction of long life. It is all there and set in place for YOU. Now run your race! (Psalm 91 & 2. Timothy 4,7)