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When God promotes You

05 Dec 2018

And Jehovah said unto Moses:
See, I have made thee as God to Pharaoh...

Exodus 7,1

Often times when God sends us on a mission to do something for His kingdom, we feel unqualified, maybe too old, weak, untrained, uneducated or simply not fit.
Moses had the same problem too though, until he found out that with the vision, God always gives pro-vision. 

Moses thought that the Pharaoh would never listen to him and that he had no authority there, and that was the case in the natural, but at the same time that God sent Moses, He placed him above Pharaoh and made him untouchable. 
There was no higher position than being the Pharaoh in Egypt, yet when God sent Moses to restore justice and free His people, Moses was made a God to Pharaoh!

So what does that mean?
When God sends you into the enemies territory, which doesn’t belong to His kingdom, He ALWAYS promotes you, so that you are above whoever it is that has the authority in that territory, even if that means that He has to make you a God unto them!

A God has full authority, all power, respect, honor and is untouchable, and when God sends you He supplies you with all those things, so that you can represent Him properly and overtake the enemies territory on His behalf. 

No matter in what area or where in the world, God wants YOU to expand His kingdom and overtake all the enemies camps. For that job He cannot use unbelieving Christians that are unwilling to obey Him and receive His words though.

So don’t be one of those Christians! Be eligible for Gods promotion even in enemies territory and live as a God under the one true God.

When God sends you on a mission that seems impossible to you, that you feel unqualified for, maybe too old, too weak or not educated enough, then don’t be afraid, for with the vision God always gives provision!
When God sends you into the enemies territory, He will always promote you and place you a step higher than the man in authority in that territory, making you untouchable! When God sends you, don’t be afraid to follow. Listen to Him and do as He tells you, and you will not only take back what has been stolen, but completely take over! (Exodus 7,1-7)