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Are you a slave/prisoner to your Circumstances?

04 Dec 2018

But the Lord was with Joseph and showed him steadfast love
and gave him favor...

Genesis 39,21

There are often certain areas in life, where it looks like you can't have any control over. Be it with the children, at work, in your relationship, in school or in any other area. I am sure you have experienced it before. But did you know that it does not have to be that way?

Gods favor is available to those that allow His Spirit to live in them, and that favor makes you into the king over your circumstances automatically!

In Genesis 39 we can read how Joseph was sold as slave, even though he came out of a wealthy family. The devil tried to force him into the shoes of a slave, but because Gods favor was upon his life, Joseph simply didn’t fit into those shoes.
He had so much success in the house of his master, not because he knew it all or studied so much, but because Gods favor was there and that favor didn’t let him be a slave. Instead it made him to be on the same level as his master. (Verse 9) 

When the devil saw that Joseph still became the master, he tried forcing him into the shoes of a prisoner.
Joseph was thrown into prison, but Gods favor was with him even then and made him to be on the same level as the master of the prison in no time. (Verse 21-23)

But even then Gods favor didn’t stop. It went so far that Joseph was made to be like the Pharao himself, simply because he was the one that had the Spirit of God in him.

So can you see what the favor of God made available to YOU? 
That favor ist there to make YOU master over all your circumstances and situations, no matter how qualified, educated or skillful you are in your own ability. 

You weren’t born to be a slave or a prisoner to your circumstances. You were born to RULE over them, as King under the King of Kings!

You weren’t born to be in the shoes of a slave or a prisoner. You were born to live in the favor of God which lifts you up from being a slave to being a ruler and a king!
It doesn’t matter what area of life you look at, how qualified you are or how much you know about it. If you are the man in whom the Spirit of God is, then you are predestined to rule in those areas too! Don’t look at what you are facing, but look at the favour of God on your life, because that is the power that will make you a king over your circumstances! (Genesis 39,1-10; 39,21-23 & Genesis 41,38-42)