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Is Your God faithful?

28 Nov 2018

By faith, even though Sarah herself was barren and he (Abraham) was too old, he received the ability to procreate,
because he regarded the one who had given the promise to be faithful.

Hebrews 11,11

Even if you are experiencing a low point in your life and even if all you can do is start laughing as soon as you look at the promises of God and realize how far away from your life they are and how unreachable they seem, then that still doesn’t mean that this is your end!

Even Abraham, the father of our faith, experienced such a low point and where it seemed so impossible for him to get a child, God came and gave him the “unbelievable” promise.
Abraham was a hundred years old and his wife was ninety and on top of that she has never had children her whole life, BUT still God gives Abraham the promise of a son!

I don’t know what situation you are in right now, but your victory is NOT more unlikely than Abrahams situation. And nowadays it seems natural to just respond with doubtful laughter the way Abraham did, especially after he got promised a son. 

Now he is not the father of our faith because he laughed though. He is the father of our faith because even at that low point in his life, he bethought himself and realized that God has always been faithful and will be FAITHFUL this time again, no matter how impossible the situation. 

Now YOU are facing that exact same decision in your life! 
Will you stay in your hole because salvation seems so improbable or will you bethink yourself and realize that God is the only one that has always been faithful and will ALWAYS keep His promises, and therefore save you and set you on high, far above this world? 

Nothing is impossible with God and just like the revelation that God is faithful made Sarah fruitful, so will it make your life fruitful and let it flourish, no matter how much junk there is.
Your life should be a beautiful garden of the Lord, with gorgeous trees and luscious fruits.

It might sound impossible to you, but once you realized that your God is faithful, you won’t laugh in doubt any longer, but instead laugh full of joy!

You need to establish it in your heart once and for all, that God is faithful and loyal in keeping ALL He has promised you!
The things you do and the faithfulness that you think you have, is never enough and never consistent enough to build your life upon, BUT believing that God is faithful causes even whole kingdoms and countries to flourish. Gods faithfulness and His loyalty is what has brought you all the good you can see in your life and it is what will turn all the bad that is still there around.
Simply believe that your God is faithful and then watch your life flourish!
(Genesis 17,15-19 & Genesis 21,1-3)