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Be a Doer

27 Nov 2018

But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only,
deceiving your own selves.

James 1,22

Most believers nowadays are hearers of the Word. They will put some effort into going and hearing the word preached, maybe listen to good preaching online, go to meetings and read their bible, but even though this already sounds like a lot of good work to most people, it will profit you NOTHING, unless you move on from there to becoming a doer! 

The hearers are those that hear Gods word taught, get excited about, shout about it, run around and jump in joy. It is those that answer the altar call and that are really willing to receive whatever it is that is taught. But instead of that being the highest level of living, YOU have to go beyond that and after you heard it, become a DOER. 

The difference between a doer and a hearer is seen in the time between services, meetings, bible studies and sundays, and most of all the difference is seen by looking at their lives.

Doers are the ones that hear the word and THEN go home, study it out for themselves, see what God actually says about it, see how to apply it in their lives and THEN DO IT! 
This is the extra and the most important step, that most believers nowadays miss out on and therefore deceive themselves, never seeing changes in their lives.

Listen to good preaching about healing, prosperity, etc., get stirred up and be willing to receive it, but THEN go home, study it out for yourself again, find out how you got healed or how you can live in prosperity, find out the principles that you should live by to reach your goal and most of all to remain in it... and THEN DO IT!

There is a big gap between hearers and doers, and since both are important, don't settle for just being a hearer any longer. There is too many great things that God does not want you to miss out on.
Continue in Gods truth and become a doer, and you will be blessed in ALL you do! (verse 25)

It is good to be a hearer of the word, get excited about it, shout about it and jump in joy. But it is not the hearers that see results in their lives, but the doers! 
To become a doer though, you don't just need to be a hearer that gets excited about it. You need to take the most important step and actually start practicing it. After you heard it, go home, find out what God really says about it, find out how to practice it and how to live in it and THEN DO IT!
Those are the ones that see results and are blessed in all their doings!
(James 1,21-25 & James 2,14-24)