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Edifying in the most holy Faith

26 Nov 2018

But you, beloved, building yourselves up in your most holy faith
and praying in the Holy Spirit...

Jude 1,20

Especially when important decisions are at hand or when you are awaiting important answers, which just don’t seem to arrive, the devil is always be ready to put negative thoughts in your head and discourage you.
“What if everything goes wrong and you didn’t pass?”
“What if the money won’t be enough?”
“What if something happened to him/her?”
“What if …?” 

I am sure you know those questions and too many people nowadays find the time before important decisions and answer so tormenting, that they would prefer to just get bad news right away, so that they at least know where they are at.
You don’t have to have that torment of doubt and of not-knowing any longer though, for you are a believer and YOU can now build yourself up in your most holy faith!

Just like you are thinking negative thoughts and worry day in and day out, before important decisions are made, so can you also JUST think good, positive and edifying thoughts, if you would just use that time of doubting and of not-knowing to build yourself up in that holy faith!

That faith is so special because it gives us authority over the situation and wherever "normal" people have no influence, you can still have control.
Instead of speaking and thinking negatively about everything and letting it torment you, build yourself up in that faith instead and thereby change the situation into good, before you even got the answer!

Go to Gods promises for your situation and confess them whenever a thought of doubt comes up. Praise God for your breakthrough before it is there and pray in the holy Spirit. That is how all “What if…`s” change into “After the victory I will…” 

You don’t have to be tormented and doubt any longer, no matter how important the decision is or how unlikely it is to find a good solution. Build yourself up in your most holy faith and thereby go from victory to victory!

There is always someone to discourage you, tell you you can’t and feed you with negative thoughts, especially when it is about important things. But did you know that it is possible to have just as many positive thoughts during that time of “not knowing” as you have been having negative thoughts?
The world doesn’t know this and that is why people talk negatively about everything they can, before they even know how it is going to turn out. YOU and I though, as believers, can build ourselves up, become confident and expect good, through the holy Spirit we have!
Don’t be tormented by “not knowing” any longer. Build yourself up in your most holy faith and start expecting victory. Then you will see it! (Jude 1,17-25)