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The Blessing that changes Lives

25 Nov 2018

Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth,
and subdue it; and have dominion...

Genesis 1,28

The blessing was never meant to be used as something nice that you say when you run into someone or that you just throw around as if it means nothing to you.
Nowadays blessing is used so vain and void that people just say it to each other when they meet, “God bless you”, just because they don’t have anything better to say or want to appear spiritual... or they will use it when someone sneezes. These are some of the many ways that the blessing is used in nowadays. But did you ever realize that it wasn’t meant to be a “gap filler” when you got nothing better to say?

Blessing is the first thing that God spoke over man (meaning women and men), and that blessing enabled man to do anything it included.
Before God spoke that blessing in verse 28, man was still unfruitful. They couldn’t multiply, couldn’t fill the earth or subdue it and couldn’t live in dominion as king under the King of Kings. BUT in the same moment that the blessing was released, it completely changed man and made a way, where there was no way before!

What am I trying to tell you?

You should act just like God does and when the blessing changes situations, people and the whole environment, every time God speaks it, then it should have the same effect when you speak it!
The reason why it hasn’t been working to that extend in your life though is that you have been using the blessing as “gap filler”, just blabbed it out and didn’t value it at all.

So don’t do that any longer. ONLY take the blessing in your mouth when you are ready and believe that the person, the whole environment and every situation will change as soon as you release the blessing. For if you value it that much and have that much faith in the blessing coming out of YOUR mouth, then power and authority will be released. 
Then impossible situations will be possible, then year-long addictions will disappear, doors will be opened, goals and dreams will be reached and the life of the blessed will NEVER be the same again!

This much and even more power is in the blessing! Don’t use it in vain and void any longer. Use it in authority!

Blessing is more than just a nice “God bless you” when you run into someone from church. Blessing is the way power and authority is transferred and when you speak the blessing over someone, you should see power and ability being transferred, which gives ability where there was none and changes lives completely! 
You need to understand the power of blessing and stop using it in vain. When God tells you to bless someone, then bless them knowing that Gods own power and authority is being transferred and that their life is going to change without a doubt! (Genesis 1,26-31)