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Do you believe this?

24 Nov 2018

I am the resurrection and the life.
Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live,
and everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die. 
Do you believe this?

John 11,25-26

Whenever you are facing problems, when you don’t see results in your life and feel like your stuck, it is important to figure out again what you believe, so that you are able to continue moving forward. 

This is so important, because what you believe will decide whether you receive victory or defeat, for your believes can either give God access, or cut Him completely off of your life completely!  
Now if you are uncertain though, about whether it is Gods will to bless you right here and now, or whether He wants to wait a little longer with His blessing and His help, then don’t be depressed any longer, for God has an answer to your confusion.

Martha was also uncertain about Gods will to resurrect Lazarus.
If you read verse 24, you will see how Martha believed that Lazarus will rise again some time in the resurrection on the last day, but she didn’t believe that God wants to resurrect him right HERE and NOW already.

The same way you might also believe that God wants to bless you, help you and make your life good, sometime on the last day, but just like Martha was wrong, so are you!

Jesus is the resurrection and the life, and therefore resurrection and life comes the same moment that you allow Jesus to get close to you! 
Your help, your blessing and everything good that you would like to receive from God is already there in Jesus and now it is only up to you to believe it.

Jesus is standing outside your door with your promise, your breakthrough, your healing and your blessing. He is already there and wants to bless you today, if you will choose to believe it.

So… do YOU believe it? 

Jesus himself is the resurrection and the life and when you receive Him, you won’t rise again and start living sometime in the future, instead it will happen right HERE and NOW!
In Jesus you received the true and the new life and if you thought all your life that you had to wait for God to finally bless you and help you, then I got good news for you. Just like Lazarus didn’t have to wait to rise again in the resurrection on the last day, so do you not have to wait any longer for God to send help and peace, for Jesus is HERE.
Believe it and you will see the glory of God today! (John 11,21-27)